Timber house at the foot of the Matra - tranquility and beauty

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Two hectares fenced park with a two-hundred-year-old tree and arboretum-plants - in the middle of it a  250 m2 timber house  (log house) is  for  sale.

Log house - plan

Take a look at this video to see the log house and its beautiful environment!


It is specially beneficial  for hunters,  nature lovers, and anyone who prefers the healthy, peaceful, natural environment.

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The property can be found in county  Nógrád (North-Hungary),  4 km from town Pásztó,  90 km from Budapest (one and a half hour drive from the capital),  next to the foothills  of  mountain Matra, with a stunningly beautiful panorama.

The area is 2 hectares  (21.582 m2) in size, large fenced, accessible by paved road. Expandable by  36.852 m2 plot.

Info about the log house:

Size:  250  m2, that contains:

  • american (open plan) kitchen and living room: 80 m2
  • chamber (foodstorage): 6 m2
  • 2 bedrooms:  each 15 m2 in size
  • 1 working room (it can be used as bedroom, as well): 15 m2
  • bathroom:  17 m2
  • indoor, panoramic  winter-garden:  80 m2
  • 4 toilettes:  each cca 2 m2
  • corridor: 30 m2
  • cellar: 90 m2
  • basement:  garage and boiler room: 70 m2 . Further expansion is possible / ready funds / up to 700 nm

The log house was built in 2006, it is now in excellent technical and aesthetic  condition.

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Utilities and heating:

  • the heating in winter  is provided by a wood-gas boiler and heat storage tanks, floor heating and radiators. In addition to it there is a fireplace in the living room.
  • three-phase electric power is provided  day and night - it heats water ( in a 300 liter- and a 160 liter-tank).
  • by 12 pieces of large solar collectors can be achieved sufficient electricity savings.
  • the waste water is  in a 30 m3 sewage-pit  collected.

Available services:

  • shopping centres, medical clinic, pediatrician, primary school, international French-language secondary school, police, cinema  are 4 km away, in Pásztó available.
  • with a one and a half hour drive is Budapest (the Capital) also to reach, where a great variety of services and products  are available.
  • the property's natural environment provides a great opportunity for sports and hiking, and  town  Pásztó ( 4 km distance ) provides more opportunities for  sports.

Maintenance expenses:

  • electricity costs:  50.000 Ft/month (cca 166 Eur).
  • water  comes from own well, costs nothing.


Not far from the log house, there is a conventionally built furnace,  in the other direction, but also not very far in distance, a 36 m2 guest house is to find. Last year, an artificial pond had been created. The inhabitants of the ponds are beautiful goldfish. The beauty of the landscape will be raised by the nearby flowing stream.

To take advantage of the excellent Soil characteristics, 80 fruit trees (different species) had been planted, two years ago. Vegetable garden planting is possible as well. (You can see it in the short video above).

Price: 640.000 Euro

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További információ

  • Ár: 640.000 Euro
  • Helység: Pásztó-Muzsla
  • Ir.szám: 3060
  • Info:


Tulajdonos neve: Ábrahám Gyula

Telefonszám: 0670/3805478

E-mail: abris.muzsla@gmail.com

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