Special investment - offer in Hungary, Mountain Matra

írta  Tulajdonos

Special offer with fantastic and unique investment opportunity! In Hungary, at the foot of the mountain Matra,  300 meters above sea level, 5.6 hectares arboretum nature area is for sale.

The fund has already been created allows the implementing of an artists-colony (artists' house),  hunting-lodge, camping-site, sportcomplex, recreational park, even a nursing home or such retirement home, which can provide a good living environment for elderly but active people, as well.

Especially beneficial for those, who want to escape from the smelly, big city and the hectic city-life. They can find here peace and a healthy way of living.

The basic construction ( fund) to be completed: 700 m2, suitable for 12 units (5 x 6 m, 30 m2/each) apartment, 100 m2 cellar, etc.

Already completed: 250 m2 luxury log house, which can be extended even further!

Log - house plan

Watch the video about the log house and its beautiful environment!


More info and pictures about the 250 m2 log house HERE!


580 000 Euro

=  580 000 Euro

+ 36 852 m2  226 000 Euro

=  226 000 Euro


= 806 000 Euro

Important: scroll down for picture gallery!

További információ

  • Ár: 806.000 Euro
  • Helység: Pásztó-Muzsla
  • Ir.szám: 3060
  • Info:


Tulajdonos neve: Ábrahám Gyula

Telefonszám: 0670/3805478

E-mail: abris.muzsla@gmail.com


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Ábrahám Gyula

+003670/ 380 5478
Email : abris.muzsla@gmail.com