3.6 hectares of wooden building site at the foot of the Matra - for sale Now!

írta  Tulajdonos

Location: 1.5 hours from Budapest, at the west foot of the hills Hétvezér (part of mountain Mátra), on the saddle of hill Muzsla.

This wooden area can be found between the resort-side and the country house (villa). Currently, there is a paintball-field on it.

Size and permitted built-in area: the whole size is 36.852 m2, permitted building-area ~ 3% = 1100 m2. Accessible by paved road (250 m).

Description: with its environmental endowments is this area suitable for implementation of a recreational park, hunting lodge, nursing home, private camping-site.

"Budapest is close enough to be easily accessible, but far enough from the daily running. The tranquility of this place gives back the power that takes away the city."

Accessible by paved road, neighbors are deer, squirrels.

Infrastructure: Three-phase electric line on the boundary.

Price: 6,2 Euro/m2

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További információ

  • Ár: 6,2 Euro/m2
  • Helység: Pásztó-Muzsla
  • Ir.szám: 3060
  • Info:
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